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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Tar1q and Khaid Sampled Styl-Plus' 'Runaway' In Their New Single 'Jigga' [Video]

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Styl-Plus is currently trending on X and the reason is because, a content creator and YouTuber, 
@EmmanOwoniyi shared a video in his series 'Where Were You When This Song Dropped?' He reviewed Styl Plus song 'Runaway' which he revealed that was sampled by Tar1q and Khaid in their new single 'Jigga'.

Watch the trending video by @EmmanOwoniyi that has been shared widely across social media below:

Released on February 6, 2006, "Runaway" stands as a significant effort from the disbanded group.

"Runaway" encapsulates a soothing blend of love and emotion in its musical composition. Shifi, Zeal, and Tunde, the talented members of Styl-Plus, showcased their vocal prowess on this track, contributing to its status as a hit song.

Styl-Plus, originally known as STYL, is a Nigerian R&B and pop quartet. Formed by Shifi Emoefe, Tunde Akinsanmi, Yemi Akinwonmi, and Lanre Faneyi, the group's name is derived from the initials of its founders.

After Lanre Faneyi's passing in 1998, Zeal Onyecheme joined, prompting a renaming to Styl-Plus to reflect the new lineup. Yemi Akinwonmi unofficially left in 2002, leaving the group as a trio.

By 2003, Styl-Plus had its record label, STYL-PLUS. Tunde Akinsanmi departed in 2012, adopting the stage name "Tunde Tdot," leaving Shifi and Zeal as the remaining members.

Recall that the dynamic duo of Tar1q and Khaid dropped the single, 'Jigga' which explore the highs and pitfalls of love and brotherhood while exemplifying their prowess as bastions of the new school of Afrobeats.

Tar1q made his debut into the music scene in 2022 with his impressive EP 'Son Of The Moon' which showcased his versatility. Whereas, Khaid one of Afrobeats fast rising artists and nominee of Rookie of the Year at the 2023 Headies Awards.

Watch the music video of Runaway and compare it to Jigga below:

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