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About us

Nollywoodtimes.com is An Integrated One Stop Hub for Entertainment reports, Politics, Movies, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Events, Sports, Technology And Much More.

We are a 24/7 News portal Made up of A Team and collection of seasoned bloggers and Journalists who Contribute their Opinions on Touching Matters of interest Via the platform To The world. We pride ourselves for publications of Verified Stories.

We follow the news where ever it is; taking advantage of Cutting Edge technologies at our disposal.

Our ability to Leverage On the power of Technology and speed of execution is our advantage.

Our Vision

Nollywoodtimes.com's vision is to Grow A Sustainable Information Portal That Delivers Value To All Stakeholders.  
To be among the Topmost, Credible and trusted Information portals in the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Provide A Reader Centric And Oriented Platform Through Innovative News Reporting; Where All Stakeholders Wins.

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