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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Pregnant Kenyan Pastor Shantelle Jepchumba's Dressing In Church Steer Criticism

Pastor Shantelle Jepchumba

A pregnant Kenyan female Pastor's dressing to Church has been heavily criticized as the picture of her went viral, showing her thighs while preaching from the pulpit during church service.

Pastor Shantelle Jepchumba of Glorious Heaven Ministries in Kimwarer, Kenya, wearing a dress with a long front slit which revealing her thighs has not shown a good example to her followers.

Most internet users felt that the ‘woman of God’ expressed too much of her thighs, that could lead to moral decay and sexual harassment of her congregants.

”Waah,,,, all fake, how do you go to church dressed that way, on the pulpit,” said Maria Ondiso.

However, some people felt that the pastor should not be answerable to anyone concerning her dress code, choosing to adopt the infamous line of ‘my dress my choice’.

“She’s just ok. I can’t see any problem with her. You said Owuor’s follower puts on magunia…let her wear that’s her dress choice,” said Lilian Engesia.

“We are aware of the devils tricks to bring down the church of Christ. Even if that lady was in a club, social media will attach church, give titles to her as a pastor to make the world not believe in the gospel.

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  1. Am surprise that the said you are Pastor ? How can you wear such thing in the house of God? you are a disgrace. Try to change I don't believe you are a Pastor unless you serve gods not the God I know.

  2. Bur this isn't a pastor, she's an actress and a radio presenter. Check your facts first

    1. She is NOT a pastor. She is a radio presenter and an actress . Please get your facts right

  3. Wild. Not what you would expect or respect a "leader" in a holy place to wear, in a holy place. 😳

  4. If you dressed to please Satan and the world,whatever tittle u bear does not matter ,u belong to u master who coordinate d affair of ur life

  5. Whether she is a pastor, radio presenter, a dancer what rights do anyone have to talk about her.. some of you are missing the point. The Bible says DON’T JUDGE BY APPEARANCE, BUT JUDGE WITH RIGHT JUDGEMENT 1 Cor 7:24, or what about the Bible says judge not , and you will not be judge Luke 6:37, or the one who speaks against his brother, speaks evil against the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge.. there is only ONE lawgiver and JUDGE , he who is able to SAVE and DESTROY.. so who are you to judge -James 4:11-12. Not my words but GODS WORDS..there’s isn’t anyone in this chat including myself is better than the next person .. how dare some of you….you don’t know what her situations is.. this society is all mess up.. you called her names and don’t know her…Shane on you… I bet you that some of you done broken Gods commandment and rather you believe it or not some of you already have in this comment. The Bible says to look at the speck in your own eyes..the reason why you judge because some of you haven’t been expose yet but in due time your time is coming. Instead of saying the things some of you could have pray for her and pray for yourself and ask God to forgive you, am not up here trying to condemn anyone either only correcting the situation. Because I don’t cross all my t’s and dot every i’s but as a vessel of the Lord am going to do what the Lord says am standing and will defend Gods people .We aren’t suppose to judge someone because the way they look or dress. It is so much ignorance that we miss the point of this thing called “LIFE” stop with the shenanigans. Repent and ask God for forgiveness because she is still one of Gods child and our sister in Christ.. I declare in the name of Jesus that no weapon form against me shall prosper and every negative comment or remark against my comment be block and be met by the Fire of God in Jesus Name… we got to do better saints of God

    1. Love it sister ❤️🙏🏽❤️


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