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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Ckay releases 7-minute short film, 'Alien'

On June 5, 2020, Nigerian singer and the man behind global anthem, 'Love Nwantiti (Remix)' released his self-directed seven-minute short film, 'Alien.' The film is also co-directed by Makhere Thekiso.

Nuerki Norte plays the alien love interest while Titilope Adesanya plays the human girlfriend.

During a 2019 interview with Pulse Nigeria, Ckay called the short film, "an African extra-terrestrial love story." It has now become clear that the film tells the story of a forbidden love affair with an alien love interest that seemingly begins as a one-night stand. Hence why 'DTF,' song about a one-night stand plays in the first act.

Despite CKay's character having a girlfriend, he fell in love with the alien woman, damning what anyone says to hell. Nuerki Norte plays the alien love interest while Titilope Adesanya plays the human girlfriend.

The cover art for Ckay The First is a part of that story. When you look closely, you see a spaceship and some weird things, but they all have a meaning. As a kid, CKay was into sci-fi and has some interesting theories about extra-terrestrial existence and aliens.

On his interest in universal science and extra-terrestrial life, CKay tells Pulse in 2019 that, "The universe is too large for humanity to be the only form of life in it. Let's say earth is like a speck of dust and this whole space (the studio) is like the size of the milky way galaxy. The Universe is too big to only be home to earthly life. There's also been like 100,000 UFO sightings between 1980 and 2001.

"So, I feel like these sightings only happen everywhere else asides Africa. So, are you going to tell me that aliens only want everywhere else asides Africa? So what if our African gods were aliens? Then I decided to interpret theory in this film from an African perspective and tell a love story with it."

Ckay's video for 'Love Nwantiti' has also hit one million views on YouTube.

Watch the video below;

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