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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Bobrisky and VeryDarkMan Social Media War Rages On, As VDM Pull Out Evidences [Video]

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Further to the rough play between Bobrisky and Verydarkman, VDM has launched another audacious attack on the crossdresser which was reported by Nollywood Times earlier.

In a compelling two-part series, VDM has aired videos alleging that Nigerian Police and politicians are turning a blind eye to Bobrisky's illicit activities. According to VDM, Bobrisky is allegedly involved in pimping young boys for top police officials and politicians.

While VDM acknowledges that being a crossdresser is not a crime, he argues that Bobrisky may be guilty of violating the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act of Nigeria 2013. He meticulously dissected the act, pointing out specific sections where Bobrisky's actions could be deemed as violating the law.

To back up his claims, VDM presented video evidence purportedly showing Bobrisky engaging in intimate activities with men, further fueling the controversy surrounding the popular social media personality.

VDM captioned the video:

"Let do the mud play as Verydarkman fires at Bobrisky again!!!!💀💀

See the video below:

In the second video, VDM shared more videos and called out the Nigerian police again if the law is only for the poor people. He emphasized that the police is deliberately giving Bobrisky a free hand to operate. He posted:

"2/2  A THREAD"

See the video below:

Meanwhile, Bobrisky has replied VeryDarkBlack on this new evidence. We shall bring you further updates on this shortly.

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