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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Bobrisky and VeryDarkMan In Social Media War Over Accusation Of Sleeping With Top Nigerian Politicians [Video]

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Bobrisky, the Nigerian crossdresser, has recently found himself in the spotlight yet again, this time due to contentious claims made by Very Dark Man, or VDM, a figure known for his controversial statements on social media.

Bobrisky is currently trending on X due to the online feud between him and VDM. VDM was the one that stirred the pot when he alleged that Bobrisky has been involved intimately with high-profile senators and lawmakers in Nigeria. This accusation arose amidst a broader conversation sparked by another crossdresser's revelation about his sexuality.

According to VDM, there's a double standard in Nigerian society, with people quick to condemn one individual while seemingly turning a blind eye to Bobrisky's alleged liaisons with influential politicians. He suggested that Bobrisky's apparent immunity from legal repercussions might be due to these alleged connections, despite laws in Nigeria stipulating severe penalties for homosexuality.

See the post below:

Bobrisky didn't take kindly to these insinuations, expressing his displeasure on social media and cautioning VDM against mentioning his name again. He fired back, accusing VDM of leading a reckless life, evident from the circulation of his own sex tape online, contrasting it with his own private affairs remaining offline.

Bobrisky wrote:

“Now let me lecture that good for nothing cow called very dark struggling boy. 
Don’t ever mention my name in ur ug*y life again. Address ur issues but don’t ever mention my name or compare me to no one . Listen and read dis again me i will deal with you. Those people you all look down on are d most strongest and powerful don’t dare me. Those people you said they are sleeping with me will be the one that will help me and lock u up. Since ur mouth has no Bustop you just put ur mouth in everything that doesn’t involve you it’s fine but don’t involve my name. Dis is the second time you are involving my name in ur video. The last one will shock you. Your s*x video are everywhere mine are not anywhere because I don’t live a use*ess life like you do. Na you come find me then again i had to respond 🙏”

See the screenshot of Bobrisky's post below:

However, when VDM saw the post, he set his ring light and posted a video where he fired back at Bobrisky. In the video, he called out the Nigerian Police and politicians before going after even Bobrisky. He accused Bobrisky of engaging in money laundry for the politicians.

In the video, he said:

"Now I put it to you, this is to the Nigerian police force, the DIGs of the police, and to the Nigerians, I put it to you, say the DIGs of the police that dey knack Bobrisky. The DIGs, dey knack Bobrisky, the Senators for Senate House dem they knack Bobrisky because I don't understand why una put law, say 14 years, if man knack man, una put law say 14 years, if man knack man, for our eye Bobrisky turn from man, he transitions from man, he do breast, he do yansh, everybody watch, he dey post am dey laugh, police see am. When he do breast, police see am dem no talk, he do yansh, police see am dem no talk. That same police get the audacity, go Akwa Ibom abi Calabar to arrest 100 wey dem dey do party say dem be gay. The same police, that's the hypocrisy..."

Hear him speak below:

As the online battle rages on, you can trust your friendly neighborhood, Nollywood Times to serve you the gist 24/7 while the issue persists.

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