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Friday, March 29, 2024

AJAkAJU: Influencer Schooled Eniola Ajao About Mistakes She Made Promoting Her Movie With Bobrisky Controversy

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A media personality and X influencer, with the handle @Glycolysic has written an open letter to Eniola Ajao, the Nigerian filmmaker and actress about the whole hullabaloo surrounding her movie, "AJAKAJU."

Glycolysic gave Eniola three reasons why every move she made to promote her movie fell to her face and registered his doubt if the movie would amount to anything at the Box Office.

He advised Eniola to change her PR team or invest in one. He queried that using Bobrisky to promote the movie was not a bad strategy, considering his large following and the interest from cross-dressing enthusiasts. He added also that the population may not be significant enough to match the number of those who oppose sexism.

He added that the damage control about Bobrisky and the best-dressed female sage will not be significant enough to attract people to see the movie. 

The Influencer concluded that engaging in such a controversy on social media by apologizing only fed the trolls and broke the core rules of social media engagement.

Read the full text of 
Glycolysic below:

Dear Eniola Ajao,

I don't know you enough to make a blanket assessment, but many Nigerians, including myself, were amazed, if not embarrassed, by what appears to be a desperate attempt to promote a movie.

First off, you should change your PR team if you have one, and if you don't have a PR team, you should invest in one.

Secondly, it wasn't a bad strategy to use Bobrisky to promote your movie, considering that he had millions of followers and many cross-dressing enthusiasts who would find it interesting to engage in discussion relating to awarding Bobrisky a prize for best-dressed female. What is the population of this category of people? I doubt it would be significant enough to match the number of people who never want to have anything to do with what promotes sexism. This was the first wrong calculation you made.

Thirdly, rebutting the claim that Bobrisky was legitimately awarded a prize for best dressed female wasn't significant enough for people to hop into the cinema to see your movie. Anyone who had been on the internet would know that you broke the core rules of social media. You should not have fed the trolls by apologizing. Let's be fair to you. I like you, and I believe many Nigerians do, but you just can't force people to see your movie by crying to a camera. I would doubt any prophet who prophesies that the movie will gross N30 million, but nothing is impossible.

Lastly, in the future, never apologise and never make any attempt to respond to social waves.

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