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Saturday, February 10, 2024

“Skinny Girl In Transit” New Episode Hits YouTube As Shalewa Trends [Video]

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For those who haven't been keeping up with the web series, "Skinny Girl In Transit," the name Shalewa is quickly becoming familiar. Shalewa, portrayed by the stunning Sharon Ooja, is gaining attention as the latest episode of the series hits the screens.

Season 7 debuted earlier this year, and the anticipation has been building for each new episode. Just recently, Episode 3 premiered, showcasing Shalewa's emotional journey as she meets Mohammed's family with unexpected results, leaving her in tears.

Meanwhile, Derin confides in Tiwa and Mide about her aspirations for starting a family, adding depth to the storyline. And Mama Tiwa faces her own challenges as she navigates the world of influencer marketing while filming her inaugural waist trainer brand video.

With captivating narratives and compelling characters, "Skinny Girl In Transit" continues to captivate audiences, ensuring there's never a dull moment in the world of Shalewa and her cohorts.

See episode three and others below:

Temi Balogun pitched the idea for the series, which marked its return to NdaniTV for its fifth season on November 9, 2018, following a hiatus of over a year. Subsequently, the series returned once more for its sixth season, with the premiere episode of season 6 airing on February 14, 2020.

"Skinny Girl in Transit" is a comedic web series produced by Ndani TV, revolving around the journey of a young Nigerian woman, Tiwalade (played by Abimbola Craig), as she endeavors to lose weight. In the pilot episode, Tiwalade's mother (portrayed by Ngozi Nwosu) wakes her up from a dream to deliver a message from the Holy Spirit, urging Tiwalade to shed pounds in hopes of improving her chances of finding a husband.

Emotionally manipulated by her mother's dramatic pleas, Tiwalade reluctantly agrees to embark on a weight loss journey, naively underestimating its challenges. Alongside her weight loss struggles, Tiwalade navigates familial pressures from her shallow sister (played by Sharon Ooja) and an unsatisfying love life, making for an entertaining and relatable narrative.

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