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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

"I apologize for campaigning in the nude for Tinubu," expressed Olaiya Igwe [Video]

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Olaiya Igwe, the esteemed Yoruba actor, has issued a heartfelt plea to fellow Nigerians regarding his involvement in the 2023 election campaign supporting President Bola Tinubu.

In a candid video shared on his YouTube channel under the title "Apologies to All My Fans," the renowned actor appealed to the public to cease casting curses upon him due to the prevailing economic challenges attributed to Tinubu's policies.

Olaiya revealed that he has been facing a barrage of criticism ever since his unconventional act of praying unclad for Tinubu's victory during the previous year's elections. He explained that his actions stemmed from what he perceived as a divine revelation concerning Tinubu.

Acknowledging the disappointment felt by many towards the Tinubu administration's performance, Olaiya expressed remorse for any role his actions may have played in influencing voters and subsequently contributing to the nation's hardships.

"I took to the beach in prayer for Tinubu based on divine guidance," Olaiya explained. "It was a gesture of gratitude towards Tinubu, my benefactor. I implore Nigerians not to harbor resentment. I understand the perception that I contributed to our current challenges. I take responsibility. Your curses stem from the belief that my actions swayed your vote towards Tinubu. For that, I am truly sorry."

The actor also called upon Tinubu to fulfill his campaign promises to the Nigerian populace, cautioning that failure to do so would result in shared repercussions.

"If you, Tinubu, do not fulfill your obligations, you will face the same curses that I endure daily," he warned. "Had the situation in our country improved since Tinubu's assumption of office, the criticisms against me would have ceased. Nigerians are suffering. This is the root of their anger. Even our compatriots in the diaspora are dismayed by the current state of affairs in Nigeria. I appeal to Tinubu as a concerned citizen. Sir, Nigerians are aggrieved; they are suffering."

Olaiya urged Tinubu to take proactive measures, including the establishment of a monitoring team, to ensure the realization of his promises and plans for the citizenry.

This statement from Igwe follows recent expressions of discontent from Kwam 1, a prominent supporter of the former Lagos governor, who also voiced dissatisfaction with the country's present circumstances.

See the video below:

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