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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Top 5 Valuable Google Android Apps You Did Not Know Exist (Series 1)

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Do you know that Google has a lot of apps? The truth is that they have way too many apps that many are unpopular and ignored. We shall be considering some useful Google Android apps you never knew existed. These apps are unnoticed by users, and some don't even know such apps exist.

We are starting a series today, which will last for a few weeks. One assurance is that the apps we shall review are reputable apps from almighty Google. Each one of those apps is worth every byte used in downloading them. This series will bring those apps to the fore for users to appreciate and even install them. If you like to find out more about this, join us on this discovery journey.

We will dig deep into the jungle of Google Play Store to discover buried treasures. Many of these apps are highly useful that you would imagine why you were not aware of their existence in the first place. Do note that the apps in question are available at no cost. Now let's take the plunge.

#1. Google Voice Access

This app has been in existence even before Google Assistant. The Google Voice Access allows you to control your phone with your voice only. With the helpful app, you can use your phone hands-free. The android accessibility featured app can control every part of an android phone simply by talking to the phone.
  • You can tell the phone to do so many things. For instance, you can command any of the tasks below:
  • You can command your phone to go home or go back. 
  • You can instruct it to adjust more or less any component of your phone’s settings. 
  • You can ask your phone to press and hold an item, 
  • You tell your phone to scroll in any direction on an item
  • You can tell your phone to select or unselect text
  • You can instruct your phone to drop your cursor anywhere on the screen
  • You ask it to edit text, browse sites, or navigate around apps

You can execute all the above tasks and more on your phone without lifting a finger. This app would be beneficial to people with challenges using their fingers.

#2. Google Sound Amplifier

The Google Sound Amplifier improves your sound experience. It filters, augments, and amplifies sound around you and your device. It helps to keep every conversation clear as a whistle so that you miss nothing. The app cancels distracting surrounding noise and, in turn, magnifies vital sounds around you. It easily boosts and tunes sounds, and you can also apply the sound settings independently to each ear.

#3. Google Lens

This app is one of Google’s greatest apps ever made, yet it's underappreciated. The Google Lens is such a beautiful app that allows you to interact with real-life objects and text like they were on your phone. With the app, you can copy text from physical paper or whiteboard and paste it anywhere on your phone. That's not all; it takes the text, translates it, and even reads it back to you. Wow, what an app!

You can also use the app to lift a block of texts from any screenshot or image. You can take the block of texts, save it, search for it, or paste it anywhere on your phone. The app also acts as an all-purpose code scanner. The app's usefulness cannot be overemphasized; little wonder Google has put upfront on Google web and app.

If you launch your Google app, you will notice a camera-like icon within the search bar in the Google app on almost any Android device and inside the standard Camera app on Pixels. If you download the standalone, you will enjoy it even better.

#4. Google PhotoScan

There are many scanning apps online that people download on their phones. Why not download Google PhotoScan, an app that captures extraordinarily high-quality images? It does not just capture images; it renders the digital images free from glares when you use your phone’s camera to snap the physical pictures. The app intelligently captures, processes crops, straightens and beautifies images for your use.

#5. Google Phone

The Google Phone is an app that is built-in Google Pixel phones. However, if you do not own a Pixel, you can still install the calling app on any or all of your phones. The cool app comes with various advantages over most default calling phone apps; it features Google's spam-blocking system and a built-in smart location searching feature in the app to get you to places.

It also comes with a visual voicemail feature that plays and displays texts of the message being played. The app also screens unknown callers before you pick up their calls. The app looks simple and comes in a minimalist design that matches the rest of the Google ecosystem. It is devoid of junk and ads.

To be concluded…

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