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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Battle Royale: Dremo Disses Sarkodie Again Igniting African Rap Scene, Escalating Things To Other Rappers [Video]

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The heat is on in the African rap game as Ghanaian rap sensation Sarkodie drops bombs with his latest track "Brag," claiming the throne as Africa's top rapper. But what seemed like a solo performance quickly escalated into a full-blown rap battle when Nigerian rapper Dremo stepped into the ring.

Sarkodie's bold claims on "Brag" sparked a wildfire of controversy, especially with his nod to Nigerian superstars like Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, and Asake. Dremo wasted no time firing back, challenging Sarkodie's assertion and questioning his place among the continent's rap elite.

In a series of fiery diss tracks, Dremo took aim at Sarkodie's lofty proclamations, poking holes in his arguments and daring him to prove his worth on the mic. The Nigerian rapper didn't hold back, delivering bar after bar of scathing commentary while demanding a response from the Ghanaian heavyweight.

But Sarkodie, known for his cool demeanor and sharp lyricism, didn't back down. In a calculated countermove, he dismissed Dremo's taunts with a subtle yet cutting retort, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next round of verbal sparring.

As tensions mount and egos clash, the rap world watches with bated breath, wondering if Sarkodie will take the bait and engage in a full-blown rap beef with Dremo. However, on waiting for Sarkodie to reply, Dremo drop another track which he called "IF YOU CEDIS WHEN YOU GHANA REPLY ?"

In the song he said Sarkodie is sending Chihuahua to him. He said he's got bones for all of the dogs. Meaning he saw all the diss track from all the Ghanians and he's got answers to them all. However, in one of his series of Tweets, he refer to all those rappers as pawns that he's target is Sarkodie. He wrote, "Pawns , I’m going for the king"

Furthermore, in his lyrics he added that if they even going to reply that they should speak in English so that he can understand what they are saying. He also congratulates Sarkodie for the news project and urge him to reply.

Watch the below:

While some voices urge restraint, citing Sarkodie's stature in the industry, others crave the thrill of a rap showdown unlike any other. Meanwhile, other Ghanaian rappers like Lyrical Joe and Medikal weigh in on the fray, adding fuel to the fire and stoking the flames of anticipation.

Lyrical Joe, replies Dremo on behalf of Sarkodie, calls him Afrobeats slay queen trying to engage in the rap marital affairs. He dragged him mentioning Peter Obi in the rap. He said he's dreaming, and he invited him and others to reply. He dropped 1960, and even dragged Davido in the rap.

See Lyrical Joe's reply below:

However, WHOISAID//A.I.D hearing Lyrical Joe, is not having it, he hits the studio immediately to create his own diss rap in response to Lyrical Joe. He called him 'Lyrical hoe.' He said the way "Joe dey shout in his rap shows that Joe is hungry." Whoissaid reminded Joe that he is Warri Boy, adding that Joe should cut his clothes according to his size and that reaching for Drizzy is blasphemy. He added also that Lyrical Joe repeats lyrics in his song.

See Who's video below:

Furthermore, Chinko Ekun took it upon himself also to reply Lyrical Joe with his own diss track. He said: He wrote: "I pray another rapper from Ghana replies, na that one I go chop immediately! I don off shirt I dey vex."

In his lyrics, he said Party for foolish people, Joe was found in the front row. He added that people rate in Ghana but in Nigeria he is irrelevant. Finally, he advised the Ghanaians to do better and calling Lyrical Joe a "Lyrical Joke" before finishing off with 'a made up' Chinese language.

See the video below:

However, an unknown rapper from Ghana with the name Lexzie has replied Chinko Ekun with his own rap diss.

Chinko Ekun posted a response on his X handle, "Go and sit down! E be ur ogas I get matter with πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚." It's obvious he will not reply him, would prefer Lyrical Joe's reply.

See the video of Lexzie below:

As things heats up, everyone in Ghana has turned rap star, as an unknown rapper Pappy Kojo had his say too. The funny Ghanaian rapper dropped a very weak diss track most of which was sang in his dielect. Dremo replied with a sick emoji, seems to be saying this is wacked.

See the funny video below:

With the stage set for an epic clash of titans, only time will tell who will emerge victorious in this high-stakes battle for rap supremacy.

Stay tuned as the saga unfolds, and the fate of African hip-hop hangs in the balance.

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