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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

"You Insult Pastors For Collecting Money To Pray, You Too Are Charging Your Members Money To Talk About Their Problems - VeryDarkMan Drags Daddy Freeze [Video]

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Social media activist Martins Vincent Otse, also known as VeryDarkMan, has responded to Daddy Freeze's recent rant. In a video posted on his Instagram channel, VDM reacted to several of Daddy Freeze's videos, particularly focusing on the most recent one.

VDM shared a clip from Daddy Freeze's video where he accused VDM of running a story about him without seeking his input first. Daddy Freeze also claimed superiority over VDM, stating that he charges for his services and operates fairly, unlike VDM.

Nollywood Times recalls that Daddy Freeze has earlier taken to Social media to rant about why Nigerians are dragging him regarding the COS issue. He threatened that he would call the UK government so that they would deport a lot of Nigerians.

In his trending video response, VDM mocked Daddy Freeze, suggesting that his response to the controversy has led to him posting ten videos in reply.

VDM said, "Daddy Freeze, ten videos, they said the wicked runneth when nobody is pursuing them, it is obvious when you know say ok something, you've done something, your body dey bite you, it's given guilty - ten videos...only you be lawyer, judge, this one...anyways, now the first thing you said, all those people who say VeryDarkMan is better than you, my brother me I no dey drag who better pass o.

"You even better pass me self at the end of the day. You better pass me, so make we no even drag that one, I give it to you say na you better pass me.

"Secondly, you said I heard a story about you and ran away with it. Daddy Freeze you and I know that what that woman said is true. You go backbite me, how did the thing start? The woman tell you say she need my number make she call me so that I will help her put pressure for the money wey them lose 195,000 pounds because of COS, next thing you said see this guy too dey talk, even his friends talk say he too dey talk."

VDM further said that Daddy Freeze sent people to him to stop talking about him and that he was spoiling his business.

In his words:

"And again you said that you collect money, bros I did not say you should not charge for your work, you are not me, we are not the same. I never said you shouldn't charge. The only thing I said in that video is that so them dey go pay money and me I dey do am for them for free, meanwhile na me them dey insult pass.

"I never said you shouldn't charge, that's your platform, na you get am. Nobody get am for you. I never ever said you shouldn't charge. The only thing wey make me talk na because of say you collect money from the woman and you no do things based on agreement. Because if you actually do that thing based on agreement the woman no go complain."

He said, " Me I no like you o and I will tell you today why." VDM
 then refer to another story of Chioma that caused him and Daddy Freeze not be friends. He narrated how Daddy Freeze made the lady in the story publish wrong information about him to the public. VDM then called Freeze a sly fox that he knew him too well. 

VDM further dragged Daddy Freeze for insulting pastors collecting money to pray that he is equally guilty of collecting money from his members to talk about their own problems. He added that they were not advertising but were scammed of 195,000 pounds but Freeze still charged them.

He concluded that Daddy Freeze is jealous of his success on Instagram, and how he came from nowhere to amass more followers than him (Dady Freeze).

See the video below:

VeryDarkMan shared the post on his official Instagram channel with the caption:

"Daddy freeze 😂😂 10 videos bruh,who dey pursue you? Na you be plaintiff na you still be defendant and na you be judge,you no be better person that’s fact,you be better back bitter,swear that you don’t talk to our mutual friends to come tell me not to talk about you again🤷 you go talk people matter but make them no talk you own….."

See the VDM original video below:

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