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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Exclusive Interview: Record Breaking First-Time Producer Shares Insights on the Making of "Beast of Two Worlds" [Video]

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In a recent interview, first-time producer and Nollywood actress Eniola Ajao shared insights into the challenging journey to the success of her movie, "Beasts of Two Worlds."

Nollywood Times recalls that her movie defied expectations, grossing a staggering ₦63.2M in its opening weekend. This success marked several milestones for the film and its producer, including the "Biggest Opening for a Nollywood Film released in 2024," "Highest Grossing Film for the weekend," and "Biggest Opening for an Indigenous Film of all Time."

Other accolades include "Strongest Ever Easter Opening Film," "Third Highest Opening for a Nollywood Film of all Time" and "Biggest Opening Record for a first-time Producer in Cinema."

During the interview, the filmmaker expressed her deep connection to her latest project, "Beasts of Two Worlds," highlighting the journey she went through to bring it to life. She revealed that the success of Femi Adebayo's "King of Thieves" inspired him to pursue a grand project of his own.

Despite facing personal challenges and online criticisms that led her to contemplate drastic actions, including poisoning herself, she found solace and purpose in creating her epic film. She credits her colleague, Odulade, for helping her find the story for "Beasts of Two Worlds" during her lowest moments.

The filmmaker's passion and dedication to her craft are evident in her emotional recounting of the hardships she faced. She considers "Beasts of Two Worlds" to be a testament to her resilience and determination to succeed against all odds.

Here is Eniola in her own words:

"I always wanted to like do something big, do an epic film, but in a big way. But I wasn't expecting that I was going to do it as big as this. So when Femi Adebayo you know made them King of Thieves, I was like, wow!

"Okay, okay, finally somebody took that risk. The success of "Agesinkole" was the success of everybody, you know, everybody reckoned with that, you know, that story, that film that we are here.

"I told my boss, Odulade that I'm interested in doing something big like this. He said, okay, how do you get the story, he started sourcing for stories here and there, eventually we got "Beasts of Two Worlds."

"And that time, it was my lowest moments, yes, 
the lowest moment because a lot of things happened online that I wasn't really happy about, and I even wanted to poison myself. I've never felt that way in my entire life. Not until that time that I wanted to even take my life. It was as bad as that.

"And that was the time I was, you know, planning my film, this Beast Of Two Worlds. So whenever I say Beast of Two Worlds, it's so dear to my heart, I know what I'm talking about because I went through a lot to make this film.

"I had to because help was not even coming. It was like, a totally shutdown of my life. I've never experienced that before. That time, in fact, I was looking so slim.

Watch her speak below:

You can catch the full video below:

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