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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Jubilation As Eniola Ajao's Movie Ajakaju “Beast of Two Worlds” Hits 16M In Cinemas On First Day [Video]

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After speculation as to the success of her movie, because of the controversy surrounding the movie, the wait is finally over. Nollywood sensation Eniola Ajao has broken records with her debut cinematic masterpiece, "Ajakaju - Beasts of Two Worlds," raking in a staggering 16 million Naira on its opening day in cinemas.

The groundbreaking news was shared by FilmOne Entertainment on their official Instagram page today, March 30, 2024.

"Ajakaju," produced by Eniola Ajao, hit the big screens nationwide on Friday, March 29, 2024, following a buzzworthy premiere that stirred up online conversations. The premiere sparked controversy when Bobrisky was awarded Best Dressed Female and presented with a 1 million Naira prize, a decision that drew criticism from industry peers like Dayo Amusa and Portable.

The situation escalated into a social media feud between Portable and Bobrisky, eventually involving Eniola Ajao herself. In a heartfelt video, Eniola expressed regret for the unintended consequences of the award, explaining that it was a publicity stunt gone wrong and revealing that she had invested over 200 million Naira in the movie, even selling her personal assets to finance it.

To rectify the situation, Eniola announced new winners for the Best Dressed Female award, Papaya Ex and Iyabo Ojo, who would each receive a 1 million Naira prize.

FilmOne Entertainment later confirmed that "Ajakaju" had grossed 16 million Naira in cinemas within 24 hours of its release, making it the highest-grossing opening day for a 2024 film so far.

In response to the news, actor Odunlade Adekola humorously suggested redefining success in the dictionary as "FilmOne," praising Nigerians for their overwhelming support. He also encouraged audiences to catch "Ajakaju" in cinemas, promising that it's a film worth watching.

See the post below:

In a lengthy post, Eniola Ajao wrote: 

"The cinema run of AJAKAJU, #beastoftwoworlds has taught me lessons, lessons I will not forget in a hurry. But this is not the time to dish out the lessons because I am not yet an expert at the box office! Leave that to @funkejenifaakindele, @odunomoadekola, @femiadebayosalami, @iyaboojofespris, @niyi_akinmolayan, @toyin_abraham and @realmercyaigbe What I am here to do today is to say THANK YOU.

"Nigerians, I am grateful. You allowed God to use you to turn my shame into testimony, sorrow into joy, and fear into courage. Eshe gan. I am glad we made 16m in one day, what an opening! But it is important I let you all know that this place I am in now is a journey that started before today. I am grateful to my dearest Boss @odunladeadekola for taking me under his wings and leading me through this part. He co-directed this movie, loan me money, and was there through and through. My Nollywood story won’t be complete without him. Eshe gan. To my daddy @adebayotijani, thank you for being a good director. You helped me succeed.

"I am grateful to my colleagues from the Yoruba industry for standing by me, for posting, for reaching out, for meet and greet, and many other things. I am grateful to fans who have sent gifts, money, and offered moral support. God bless you. To my boss @femiadebayosalami and his beautiful wife @iyanaladuke thank you for your understanding. And to those who were dragged and trolled because of this movie, @dayoamusa, @bobrisky222, Nollywood, I am sorry but know that this success is for us all. You allowed God to use you to tell a beautiful story about me and Nollywood, Eshe gan. Oun rere la ma ba ara wase. And to those who have said they will not support us—cast and crew—and are waiting for us to fail, I want to appreciate you too. It was because of you that I ran to God and Nigerians. See now, with God and Nigerians behind me, the story will end well. To those I offended, forgive me. I’m just a small girl, treat me like your daughter and sister. Please let’s keep watching #beastoftwoworlds #ajakajuthemovie in all cinemas nationwide. Let’s create a new record together. @ajakajuthemovie.”

See her post below:

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