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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The burden of our calling - By Dr. Bolaji Akinyemi


The burden of our calling - By Dr. Bolaji Akinyemi

Dear Media Friends,

Patriotic greetings to you all,

The burden of our calling. 

Democracy is the system, a wisdom that structured government to protect man against himself!

The most desirable need to man is power, unfortunately the more power he has the more of himself and senses he loses to power! Hence the saying: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!"

No one voted into power is self insulated against corruption that comes with power!

This is what democracy recognised and structured the system in such a way to protect the holders of powers against power!

The Executive,

The Legislature and The Judiciary, these are designed to counterbalance one another. The more of synergy the individual holders of power find with selves, the more destructive they will become to the system and the people who elected them to stewardship!

Envisaging the possibility of such synergy. Democracy went a step further and created the fourth realm of human estate; the media!

Nobel Men of the pen!Judiciary for me is not the last hope of the common man!

The media is the first and the last hope of the masses. In fact, the only hope of the masses, if you will allow me to be extreme on this!

Any Democratic government where the arms of government are hand in hand with themselves and are at the table with the media, feasting, is a buried democracy!

Marriage of the arms of democracy and pauperism of the press is a strategic approach to absolutism!

Dearest friends in the media, the trust of the system in us as men of the fourth realm we mustn't let down!

As you all know, I am not supposed to be here among you, but for an encounter with God, wherein he said to me; "by the sword of the SCRIBES shall the battle be won"! 

By grace, I found myself in the midst of men armed with pens to heal the land with the founting inks from their pens. What a privilege it has been for me.

There is a war going on against our country; Nigeria!

The most fierce of its battles is being fought in the minds of Nigerians. This is where God has placed us as his garrison Commanders to guide the minds of the people. 

Ours, is to serve facts and present the truth in all cases where Nigeria is involved!

It is to this fierce battle of protecting "us" against "them". "Us"; the people and "them"; by which I referred to all elected steward and their appointees who are to help them serve "US". 

To this battle of Us and them, I call you out here for!

Due respect to your political affiliations, tribal identity, religious inclination and friendship with individuals in government. But you are God's Scribe for the battle to see democracy through to deliver good governance to the masses!

Objective criticisms is one sure way of getting the best out of any government.

We aren't here to destroy Nigeria but to help build her to fulfill her purpose to Africa and the black race!

Friends, the enormity of what is before us stares me in the face. I must admit, I have never been this terrified in all my years of advocacy. We need each other now, more than ever.!

Please, do bring your hands out and place it upon mine. To get the task done!

Traditional institution of opposition having its base in politics can't be trusted with this assignment. Getting government out of power and bring another to power is all that defines opposition for them. Good governance, more than their expectations is the need of the masses.

How then do we structure opposition as the fourth estate of the realm to benefit our people?

That is the question, Bolaji O. Akinyemi and his Media Friends will find answers to.

Thank you for signing in.

Dr Bolaji O Akinyemi,

A steward with you, of our nation.

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