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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Singer Sexy Steel declared that alcohol is a no go even if offered N50bn

Image: Daily Post

Nigerian singer Abbey Abuede, widely recognized as Sexy Steel, has made a firm commitment to abstain from consuming alcohol, even if tempted by a lucrative offer of N50 billion from an alcoholic brand.

The multifaceted entertainer emphasized that he has never indulged in smoking or drinking throughout his life. Sexy Steel disclosed that he once lost a substantial endorsement deal because of his abstinence from alcohol.

This declaration was made during a recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, co-hosted by actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, also known as Nedu.

He said, “I have lost one very big deal because I don’t drink alcohol. That was Guinness extra smooth when it came out years back. They later made 2Face their ambassador after I declined. Then I was modelling. I was the one shortlisted for the gig and when we went there, they poured Guinness in the glass that we should drink for the advert but I insisted that they change it to soft drink which they refused.

“They told me that for me to be their brand ambassador, I’ve to be drinking their alcoholic drink. And I opted out. They thought I was joking because the money was huge. I refused to do it.

“Years later, I saw the brand manager at Eko Hotel. He sent someone to call me after I finished performing on stage. He asked if I remembered him, and I said I didn’t. And he started telling those around him that I was the person that made him realise that money isn’t everything.”

When asked by his co-guest on the show, ID Cabasa, whether he would accept if he is presented with the same offer again, Sexy Steel said, “Cabasa, even if it’s N50 billion, I would not drink. I’m telling you. I’ve principles.”


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