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Monday, November 20, 2023

Mohbad: Late Singer's Sister-in-law release fresh final moment claims [Video]

Image: JustNaija

Karimot, the sister-in-law of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has come forward with fresh claims regarding his final moments.

She asserted that the circumstances surrounding Mohbad's death were intricate, alleging that he had encountered certain individuals connected to the show in Ikorodu shortly before his demise.

In a video posted on her Instagram handle, Karimot contended that Mohbad had a meeting with these individuals in a bar just 72 hours before his death, which took place after his performance in Ikorodu.

Karimot urged the public to scrutinize videos of Mohbad during the Ikorodu show, suggesting that his seemingly erratic behavior was not a result of the influence of hard drugs. She questioned why there was no discussion about the group of people the late singer had met shortly before his demise.

These claims add another layer of complexity to the circumstances surrounding Mohbad's passing, and Karimot's appeal for a closer examination of the events leading up to his death raises questions about the possible factors involved.

According to Karimot: “I will not keep quiet or be shut up on why they hurriedly buried Mohbad. You are telling me to keep quiet and trying to shut me down. When he died, somebody donated money for them to bury him.

“72 hours before he died, Mohbad went to a bar to drink and eat with the same person, and the person who hosted the show in Ikorodu, did the person reach out to Mohbad’s widow? Please, Nigerians should go back to the video of Mohbad on stage and study his behaviour, he was not under the influence of drugs.

“Mohbad was sceptical about the show, he was reluctant but said he had to go because he had been paid. I will keep asking why was Mohbad buried. Mothers should rise up and fight for justice, you can’t shut me down, before the show he was at the bar, why is nobody talking about the people he was with? Mohbad’s death is very deep but I know he will fight back.”

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