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Thursday, June 2, 2022

YouTube Phone App Can Now Connect Directly To YouTube TV App

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If you have ever groaned while casting your phone to your TV to watch YouTube videos on a large screen, well, you would love this news. 


YouTube just developed a feature that makes for seamless and direct access to watch YouTube on your TV without stress. Today, watching YouTube videos on your TV will be as easy as anything with this new feature. The YouTube TV app and the Android/iOS YouTube app will now perfectly synchronize for an enjoyable viewing experience.

When the desire to watch YouTube videos on larger screens grew, YouTube came up with the TV app some 12 years ago. However, information available as of January 2022 showed that people spend well over 700 million hours daily watching YouTube content on TV. As the interest grew, the challenge to keep the experience as simple as possible arose. That aside, there is the need to streamline the app and make it more intuitive. Hence, the new feature. The feature would empower viewers to have total control of YouTube at their fingertips while watching TV.

Before now, watching YouTube on TV, requires viewers to go through the casting route, which is somehow cumbersome. Also, this method comes with restricted access to certain features like reading video descriptions while a video is playing, commenting, sharing, and so on. The new feature was launched by Google yesterday to make for a seamless connection of your TV to your Android or iOS phone. 

How It Works:

  • Sign in your phone and TV to the same YouTube account

  • After signing in, open the app on your TV and your phone. Once you have opened the app on your phone, a prompt would automatically pop up. Click "Connect" to continue.

  • After that, your phone and TV connect to YouTube directly. Your phone and TV synchronize entirely, making it possible for you to get information about the video you are playing on your TV via your phone's YouTube app.
You can interact directly with your TV via your phone with that connection. You can watch YouTube videos, leave comments, like or share videos, etc. In addition, you can check out video details while streaming, which was not possible before now.

You can now wave goodbye to trying hard to connect your phone to be on the same network with the TV. Also, the TV remote can now rest because you know for sure that using it to control the TV YouTube can be annoying at times. Now you can use the keyboard of your phone to drop comments and other on YouTube channels. This is a big win for YouTube lovers. Imagine the power and joy derived from seamlessly controlling YouTube at your fingertips. 

The Future Start From Here

After the new feature, the YouTube team is still researching to make the app more interactive. The new feature would make your phone more than just a phone. It has become an interactive device, and more usefulness will emerge as time goes on.

Also, they want to make sure the app can do more than watch videos. You will soon be able to browse and shop for featured products in videos via the big screen. Furthermore, the rollout date is not certain and the information is still sketchy regarding the rollout modalities. There are speculations if it is going to be a server-side rollout or if it's going to be for users to update the YouTube apps on their phones. Just keep watching this page for updates on this story.



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