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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Top 5 Valuable Google Android Apps You Did Not Know Exist (Series 2)

Image: Pixabay

When this series started, we reviewed the top 5 valuable Google Android Apps you did not know exist (Series 1). We hope that you downloaded some or all of the apps. 

We reviewed Google Voice Access, Google Sound Amplifier, Google Lens, Google Photoscan, and Google Phone. Please drop your comment in the comment box to let us know any of the apps you downloaded and your experience so far.

Today, we highlight new sets of Google Android apps you did not know exist and these include:

#1. Files By Google

Image: Google

The Google File Management app has been acclaimed as the best of the best Android file manager for business users. It is not difficult to use and has a lovely outlook to go with it. It seamlessly finds, shares, or organize downloaded or transferred file onto your device.

It comes with a top-notch search system which is the strength of Google. Google File can analyze your phone's local storage and then presents a quick and easy way to free up space. You can get the app as a standalone on Google Play; however, that is not a full feature. The full-featured version comes with Pixel phones. Be that as it may, File can still compete with other file management apps to a large extent.

#2. Google My Business

Image: PGNitem

As the name implies, Google My Business is an invaluable business app. It comes in handy for small business owners. Those managing their company's online presence or other companies should not look away from this app. It offers a single streamlined portal for controlling your company's presence within Google.

The app empowers you to respond to reviews, edit your business profile and get notifications when a customer tries to connect with or contact you.

#3. Google Find My Device

Image: Tech Times

Now you can quickly locate your lost device and even secure it from being used by fraudsters. It doesn't require too much; use your regular browser. Type "Find My Device" in the search bar to begin. Find My Device will pinpoint the exact location of your phone or any device. Even if you have more than one device, the app will point out their locations.

Find My Device is beneficial because to locate your lost devices, it plays a sound that would help you quickly locate them. You can put off the sound from the remote location or by pressing the power button. In cases where you cannot locate the phone, the app allows locking, erasing, and showing a message on the phone. That last action would help prevent thieves from accessing your phone and using its data to commit a crime.

#4. Google Snapseed

Image: PNGEgg

There are several photo editing apps out there, including Google Photos. Out of the lot, Google Snapseed is in a world of its own as a photo editing app. It's a highly effective image-enhancing Android app. Snapseed does Pro-level editing using curves, white balance, and raw. The app is available for download free on Google Play.

#5. Google Sky Map

Image: PGNWing

If you are a space enthusiast, you will love the Google Sky Map. The app is the space version of Google Maps. It's advantageous because it teaches the name of stars and constellations. It also shows what space looked like on any given day in the last few hundred years.

The app is not only a reference to different stars; it's an intelligent window into the night sky. If you are looking into the night sky and locate a particular twinkling star, you can launch the app and point your camera at the star to learn about the star. You can also find out the location of a different planet at a given time. You can have a street-view of the universe by visiting planets – how cool is that?



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