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Monday, June 20, 2022

Telegram introduces premium subscription to its users

Image: Android Authority

Earlier this month, Telegram announced that they were introducing a premium subscription. According to the CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, the paid platform would give users a higher limit for chats, media and file uploads. 

The move resulted from the requests of users who were calling for increased limits on chats, media and file uploads. Durov explained that if they decided to allow the limit increase for all users, it would cause some challenges with their server.

The best approach was to make it a subscription base so that only those ready to pay the price could get the added benefits. This seems to be the strategy these days with different social media platforms like what Snapchat is currently adopting. Telegram boasts over half a billion monthly active users, making it stand shoulder to shoulder with WhatsApp. The messaging app is poised to meet clients' needs with the subscription version.

Today, the Telegram Premium is finally rolling out as promised by the tech giant. The full details of the features are expected in a post on Telegram's blog. In addition to the earlier stated features, the company is adding larger uploads up to a file size of 4GB instead of the regular 2GB and faster downloads. They announced that the Telegram Premium would be available for $4.99 monthly.

In detail, the subscribers will get twice the standard limits of regular users. They also get an increased limit on the number of channels they can join. For instance, paid subscribers can join more than the 500 channels cap, i.e., up to 1,000 channels. Other features include the ability of paid users to create 20 chat folders with 200 chats each. They will be able to pin up to 10 chats. The put icing on the case, Premium users get longer bios with a link.

Subscribers can access a library of Premium stickers with more obnoxious full-screen animations, exclusive emoji reactions, and animated profile pictures. Subscribers can save up to 10 stickers and add four accounts to Telegram instead of three. Paid subscribers also get text conversion for voice messages where their headphones are unavailable. Concerning chat management, subscribers are allowed to change their default chat folder.

Finally, the Telegram Premium eliminates sponsored messages in public channels. Still, on the paid subscription, one thing that Telegram put in place is users' experience on both paid and free Telegram. The free features will remain free, while the new features will not affect the experience of free users. The meaning of that statement is that when free users get a larger file from premium users, the free users will be able to download it. Not just that, these free users will be able to view the premium reactions or emojis they use.

In conclusion, Durov promised users the need for the company to continue developing features for free users. Currently, Telegram displays verified badges in chats (in addition to profiles, search results and chats), which gives public groups the ability to enable join requests. Telegram also added a few platform-specific. Durov also promised that Telegram wouldn't stop developing features for free users either, which the platform appears to be following through on. The latest Telegram update displays verified badges in chats and some other platform-specific improvements here and there.

Telegram Premium is here with its many attractive features, ready for more than 700 million subscribers and growing.



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