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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Here are 6 ways to style your boyfriend jean

Boyfriend jeans are quickly becoming a wardrobe staple among Gen Z's and Millennials, slowly kicking out the famous skinny jeans.

The versatility of its style, ability to go with basically anything, and its distinct high waist has cemented its spot as a true wardrobe icon, making it a must-have.

Comfortable, loose, cuffed, stylish, and infused with the perfect touch of masculinity, a pair of boyfriend jeans can give you any look you want, be it simple, formal, classy, bossy, or chic.

Here are some ways to style your boyfriend jean.

1. With a crop top

Wear a simple crop top with your boyfriend jean to give you that simple casual look. You can also pair it with a pair of sneakers for an easy off-duty look.

2. With a plain t-shirt

Plain t-shirts are also wardrobe staples. Tshirts go with anything you can think of. You can style your plain tees with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers to give that easy look any day.

3. With a black turtleneck

A pair of boyfriend jeans paired with a black turtleneck is totally stylish and gives a dreamy, chic, and classy look for the fashionistas. You can introduce a pair of black pumps to complement the outfit.

4. With Ankara tops

Boyfriend jeans with Ankara tops give a charming, classy look, especially when worn with a pair of heels.

5. With sweatshirts

For a cool, relaxed look, pair your boyfriend jeans with an oversized sweater and a pair of flat boots, or a pair of sneakers.

6. With blazers

You can style your blazer with a pair of boyfriend jeans to give your outfit an instant boost. They can give you a formal look when styled with the right footwear.

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