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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Thelma and Seyi bury the hatchet on BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion Day-5

Day five hosted the Pepper Dem housemates notorious for tattling and Ebuka had receipts!

In case you missed day five of Big Brother Naija's PepperDem reunion show, here are the highlights.

In attendance were former housemates Tacha, Mercy, Thelma, Seyi, Frodd, Diane, Ike and Jackye. Check out the episode's highlight:

The Tacha, Ike and Mercy love-hate triangle
Mercy and Tacha's no love lost relationship made for some good TV time on the the reunion show's fifth episode. Mercy had a few airs to get off her chest regarding Tacha and Ike's social media relationship which she admitted gave her some 'disrespectful' vibes.

Ike's reaction came as a speech about how her fans overplay his relationship with Tacha. In his opinion, it is simply a matter of perception as his romantic relationship with Mercy is important to him.

Tacha on the other hand, politely turned down an opportunity to clear the air.

Jackye's Day of Reckoning
In the previous episode, Jackye accused UK based housemate, Khafi, of luring her into tittle-tattling about other housemates. Her point of call was the one time they spoke about Mercy's body job. Turned out Ebuka had receipts!

The show host played back the notorious 'body-job' moment between Jackye and Khafi proving Jackye instigated the conversation about Mercy's body. With no other defense to pull up, Jackye admitted to being a gossip even if it was "just to make everybody feel better".

Seyi reverses his 'destiny to grave' curse
Thelma also had a huge grief to get off her chest. The former housemate recalled how Seyi had still not apologized for his not so empathetic and spiteful reaction to a minor issue they had in Big Brother's house where Seyi made an impassioned comment about how Thelma's success had been buried with her murdered brother.

In between Thelma's moment of truth, Mercy interjected to defend Seyi's behaviour by claiming he was under the influence of some alcohol.

After an unsolicited speech about taking responsibility for one's actions and drawing at straws while trying to cite the one time he 'technically' apologized, Seyi stepped down from his speeding horse, fixed his imaginary lapel and asked for forgiveness. Thelma shed a few tears while sharing how her brother was murdered a night to his wedding and how sensitive the matter is to her and her family.

The show ended right after with a promise of more intense drama from the housemates.

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