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Thursday, June 11, 2020

[EP Review]: On 'Gemini,' DNA makes a commendable play for growth but fall short

At some point, it was DNA Twins. Now, it is DNA. After releasing a handful of singles, they're dipping their toes into the pool of bodies of work with this four-track EP titled, 'Gemini.'

Asides 'Wase,' all songs on this EP lack shock value.

At the heart of the EP is the soul of lamba in sound, song titles and even lyrical delivery. Three songs on Gemini EP have onomatopoetic titles and the other one follows the enigma of the Monalisa. As a twin-combo of Blair and Clint with Afro-boy band looks and appeal, their predominant fan base will probably be women between 14 and 25.

On Gemini, they deliver tunes tailored to that market with dreamy pop songs, albeit with the grown man tendencies of onomatopoetic titles and subtle odes to sex. This might be MAVIN trying to help them grow through the music and develop an appeal that transcends their fan base of predominantly young women.

The opening track, 'Arabanko' is produced by Caise Beatz, and built on dreamy, cloud legato strings.

DNA's lyrical approach is generic to scatterbrained as they seemingly go from trying to sway a drifting woman into coming back before delving into what sounds like 'rapey' lines at such trying times. They sing "Whether you like, whether you nor like, I must enjoy..." before, "How you wan make e be now?" Which energy is it?

In the end, 'Arabanko' has no meaning, but the hook is alluring. 'Kayama' is a more laidback R&B-pop song about a woman named Kayama. This double act try to break Kayama out of her comfort state. The aim is to love her... presumably. 'Monalisa' is built on mid-2000s Ghanaian Afro-pop of the VIP era.

Apparently, Monalisa is a thief but this duo still want to love her - that's interesting an cute. 'Wase' is the best song on this app with its semblance of Afro-swing.

Final Thoughts

Asides 'Wase,' all songs on this EP lack shock value. They're also drenched in worrying levels of recurrent themes - there's more to life, music and even love-themed music than trying to constantly chase drifting or difficult women. DNA must try to expand their topical conversations.

But you see 'Wase,' that's a good song.

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