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Friday, August 23, 2019

Laura Ikeji kicks against flogging of kids, says it should be made illegal

Fashion entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji has called on the Nigerian government to make flogging of kids illegal.

While capital punishment in Nigerian schools remains an issue of debate as some have argued that it is another form of physical abuse, it appears there are lots of schools still practicing this form of punishment.

Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji, recently took to social media to call on the government to make it illegal for children to be flogged in schools. According to her, the government should ensure that teachers lose their jobs if they flog kids.

She wrote: “Dear Nigerian Government, can u make flogging children illegal in all schools?? I know the law was passed I think a few years ago but some schools still do it. Let’s enforce it, u flog a child u loose ur job and get charged to court. We re not animals. Kids re off limits.”

In another tweet, she stated that flogging should also be made illegal for parents as people who flog their kids do not deserve to be parents.

In her words:

“Dear Nigerian Government, can we enforce that same rule on parents, u flog your child in a bad way, the child be taken from u. U don’t deserve to be a parent, illiteracy isn’t an excuse, ignorance isn’t an excuse either. I understand spanking but flogging should be illegal.”

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