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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Issues-Based Is What Nigerians Want In 2019 Politics

The biggest folklore in town today is the myth of a supposed impostor named Aminu Jubril El Sudan masquerading as Nigeria’s president. While I sympathize with President Buhari on this, I will quickly add that he is not and will not be the first victim of dubious conspiracy theory. There are always proponents and followers of crazy conspiratorial theories.

I grew up captivated by such tales concerning Dr Azikiwe, Chief Awolowo and the great Sarduana. I recall my fascination with the story of Zik holding the key to the River Niger which was handed over to him by the river goddess of the Niger, and how in his supernatural element captured and trapped his rival opponent in a bottle following a failed spiritual assassination.

I recall the birth rumour surrounding former U.S. president Barack Obama where some people including current President Trump claimed he Obama wasn’t born an American. The birth theorists produced their own version of his birth certificate.

Even Obama’s later release of his authentic birth certificate did not dispel the rumours. I also recall the Da Vinci code conspiracy which claimed Jesus married Mary Magdalene and even sired a son named Judah.

On the issue of whether there is a clone of President Buhari in Aso Rock? I do not believe such nonsense. It is possible the president has a double as some leaders do, but definitely not a clone. The notion of a dead Buhari and one Jubril from Sudan cloned as president is much unfounded no matter how popular it seems. I also admit this is not the kind of story that quickly goes away.

Unfortunately, the president’s handlers never helped matters. If anything their poor management of issues surrounding the president’s health and activities more than any other factor helped in fuelling the conspiracy theory.

When you lie to the people all the times and over little things, you lose their trust on big issues. For instance, when the president’s men including his very close family members claim that the president is not aware of most of the atrocities happening in and outside his government they unconsciously raise questions about the stability of the president. Certainly, Nigerians did not elect a lifeless president in 2015. How can Buhari be an efficient and effective leader worthy of a second term if he is not aware of the corruption inside his government? He is not aware that his politics and leadership style has further divided and polarized the country? He doesn’t seem to be aware of anything; he is not aware of the spate of killings across the country; he is not aware that the police and EFCC are now the official thugs of the ruling party; he is not aware of the numerous scandals involving some of his appointees; he is not aware that his minister of information is incapable of saying a single truth; he is not aware that millions of jobs have been destroyed by his policies; he is not aware of the harassment of opposition leaders; he is not aware of his government disobedience of court judgments; he is not aware that his government has created more disgruntled citizens across the country than any other government; he is not aware that in a democracy those that want the president’s job the same way he wanted the number 1 job for 4 consecutive times are not enemies of the state. If he is not aware of anything happening around him, then the people have every reason and right to demand for their president. And he is under obligation to come clean with the people. Otherwise despite being exercise in ‘masturbation’ and ‘distraction’ this is not the kind of story that will easily go away.

I once had an encounter with someone very high up in the administration that was patriotic enough to admit that the president is a good man who meant well for the country but unfortunately he is not the one in charge of himself and the administration.

When the president’s men including his close relatives claim that the President is not aware of what is happening around him, I don’t know whether to take them serious that the president is not in –charge. If the president is not in-charge why must he continue in office for another four years?

Nigerians have every right to demand for the true fitness in body and spirit of their president. If he is incapacitated and unable to function properly, then in whose interest is this campaign for re election and continuity being anchored?

Another logic advanced by the president’s men that I find incomprehensible is the theory that bad people have taken over the government and that it is these bad people that are sabotaging the president’s good intentions. Again I don’t know if this is a compliment, a fancy excuse for failure or they meant the president lacks the capacity and competence to perform his duties as president including the ability to hire good people and fire bad people?

I don’t know of any appointee sacked by the president on account of corruption, insubordination or sabotage. Instead, he and his men are desperately recruiting into their fold the bad and worse of the society. I challenge him to name one good person in the opposition that he has attracted to his side in the current gale of defection? Rather as in the case of birds of the same feather flocking together we find him increasing his fold with certified renegades. Who is fooling who?

If the president is unaware of what is going on in his government then he has no business remaining in office beyond 2019 because to be president is to lead, take charge and take responsibility.

It has become obvious that those championing for continuity are doing so for their own selfish interest and not in the best interest of the country, or in the interest of the president who needs a quiet and peaceful retirement.

The coordinated efforts of the cabal to use the Buhari mantra to remain in power at all cost will not work. Their tactics to employ propaganda and persecution of opposition leaders will also fail. Buhari must be told that the arrest of opposition members will not arrest Nigeria’s problems neither will it arrest the will of the people to exchange their current misery for a better future.

The biggest problem facing Nigeria today is the worsening problem of disunity. This is beside insecurity and corruption. If Nigeria must ever unite again we must do away with the old fashioned politics which is based on propaganda, disinformation and division, and of little benefit to the people. We must bring up politics of issues.

The person who will rule Nigeria in 2019 shall not be someone who will be unaware of things happening in the country; he shall not be another willing hostage of any cabal; he shall not be someone with readymade excuses; he shall not be someone who can’t take responsibility.

For those who have ears to hear let them hear. We shall have ourselves to blame if by our acts or omissions we again elect someone as president on the basis of empty and bogey promises packaged to fool the people.


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