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Monday, June 10, 2024

Skitmaker Ijoba Lande Sheds Light on Aunty Ramota's Trending Failed BBL Video [Video]

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Renowned Nigerian skit maker and content creator, Ganiyu Kehinde Morufu, popularly known as Ijoba Lande, has sparked a whirlwind of diverse opinions across the digital realm with his recent statement addressing the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery undergone by his on-screen partner, Aunty Ramota.

In a bold move, Lande took to his social media platform to vehemently assert his innocence and disassociation from the trending footage depicting Aunty Ramota’s emergency hospitalization for undisclosed treatment.

Lande made it unequivocally clear that the incident was not a prank, passionately denouncing any suggestions of his involvement or prior knowledge regarding Aunty Ramota’s decision to undergo BBL surgery.

With raw candor, Lande revealed his frantic attempts to uncover the truth, reaching out to five individuals purportedly close to Aunty Ramota to gain insights into her well-being post-surgery. However, his efforts have yielded nothing but an echoing silence, leaving him in a state of anxious anticipation amidst the swirling sea of uncertainty and speculation.

Watch the video below:


Any bad think would not happen too you

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In February 2024, the small-sized public figure was a guest on the Isa Amira Show, where she candidly expressed her desire to have a bigger backside. Aunty Ramota left the show host amused as she seriously discussed her desire for BBL surgery.

The clip began with her shaking her backside for the camera, emphasizing her need for the procedure. She then asked the show host for money to fund the surgery. Despite the presenter explaining that her small frame might not support a larger backside, Aunty Ramota remained undeterred and continued to press for the funds.

Watch the video below:

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