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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Singer Portable Tackles Dammy Krane For Insulting Davido [Video]

Image: News Now Nigeria

In a recent video, Portable, the popular Nigerian singer, criticized his colleague Dammy Krane for using their song to insult Davido. Dammy Krane had accused Davido of various misdeeds, including involvement in the death of Tagbo, a member of Davido's crew, who died in 2017 due to excessive alcohol consumption.

In the video, Dammy Krane was seen playing their song "Number 1" in the background while making these accusations against Davido. Portable, reacting to this, warned Dammy Krane to stop using their song as a backdrop for his attacks on Davido. He advised Dammy Krane to address his issues with Davido directly instead of using their collaborative work in such a manner.

Portable clarified that he has no personal issues with Davido, describing him as a helper who has supported him in the past and whom he believes will continue to help him. He criticized Dammy Krane for consistently insulting Davido despite the help Davido has provided him.

Additionally, Portable claimed that Dammy Krane currently lives in a single room in Lekki and has not yet paid him for his contribution to their collaborative song. He also alleged that he was the one who introduced the producer who worked on the song. According to Portable, when he visited Dammy Krane's residence, the singer could only offer them table water, indicating his financial difficulties.

Watch the video below:

Source: Intel Region

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