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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Seyi Law Receiving The Dragging Of His Life On X Over Tribal Tweets [Pictures]

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Comedian Seyi Law is trending on Twitter again for the wrong reason. He is being dragged for his bigotry comments to Igbos and Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the Lagos State Labour Party Gubernatorial candidate at the 2023 General Election.

Seyi Law known for being an ardent supporter of APC and a Yoruba tribalist was caught in the web of Tweet war with some users. He dropped the ball when he called Igbos and GRV slaves.

The trouble started when he wrote:

"Your stupid father should have taught you that I am more of a bigger stakeholder in Lagos than the son of a returned slave who decided to stay in Lagos. O da bi aye awon to bi e fe baje. I am an ILAJE with Mahin origin. Go and ask about us in Lagos before the partitioning of states. Olosi ikeji aja. Ka a da fun e."

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The moment he dropped the tweet, users from different works of life started dragging him and have not stopped. He did his best never to back down but reply to every tweet directed at him. One of the most prominent of the tweet was the one by a user 
πŸ‘‘S.A.L.A.K.OπŸ•Š (@UnkleAyo). The insult was too sharp that it made Baba Suwe trend on X.

He wrote:

"You're an African man using slavery to score cheap social points.

"You're nothing but a lanky wanky, mentally twisted failed comedian.
"Angels on internship moulded you, God saw the prototype then stepped out to the backyard to laugh. 
"Baba Suwe that stopped downloading at 23%."

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  1. Hmmm Seyi Law did it this time and he is paying dearly for it. That guy is nothing but trouble.

  2. That was too low for Seyi. Being a Yoruba man myself I should say Ori Seyi ti gba le! Let me catch that 23% Loaded Baba Suwe, adojutini eniyan


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