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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Blessing CEO Continues Mocking And Dragging VeryDarkMan [Video]

Image: Instagram

After VeryDarkMan's release, Blessing CEO continued her relentless mockery of him, staying true to her earlier vow to provoke him into more trouble.

Immediately upon his release, she began mocking him for his apparent drastic weight loss, calling him a madman and suggesting he looked emaciated. She shared his first post-release picture, using it to ridicule him.

Shortly after that, she posted a video of herself dressed in a white singlet and a pair of black trousers finishing it off with a black facecap. She was captured dancing joyously to an Igbo song, seemingly celebrating VDM's weight loss.

On the video, she subtitled it, "I don get chest pass VDM, Just 7 days oga don shrink," indicating she found humor in his physical appearance after 7 days in jail.

She went on to mockingly suggest that if one zoomed in on the picture of VDM after his release, they would see that he used a rope to hold his joggers in place. Blessing CEO's actions have sparked mixed reactions, with some finding her behavior distasteful and others finding it amusing.

Blessing captioned the video:

"I don get chest pass the werey VDM ..

"Blessingceo na Man U be abeg .

"Make I enter gym . Try zoom that in joggers picture u go laugh, ma rope hold him waist 不不不蛤蛤."

See the post below:

It will indeed be interesting to see how Blessing CEO's behavior unfolds in the coming days and how VeryDarkMan will respond once he has had time to settle down. 
We hope he sets his ring light in time to put Blessing where she belongs.

The dynamic between them could shift once the initial shock of his release wears off, so it's definitely a story worth following.

Source: Instagram

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