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Thursday, February 1, 2024

A Tribe Called Judah In Real Life: 39-year-old woman with 19 kids for different men set to deliver child 20 [Photo]

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When Funke Akindele premiered the movie A Tribe Called Judah playing the role of Jedidah Judah, we thought it was all fiction and could not happen in real life. Shocking news from Colombia has revealed real-life Jedidah.

The Caucasian mother of 19 has revealed that she is set to welcome her 20th child, and all are with different men.

Martha, a 39-year-old native of Medellin, Colombia, recently disclosed that she is uncertain about the paternity of her numerous children. Despite this uncertainty, she expresses her intention to continue expanding her family until her body can no longer conceive.

Currently, Martha is the mother of seventeen children, all under the age of eighteen, and she receives financial assistance from the government for each child.

Describing motherhood as a practical business venture, Martha acknowledges that the government support she receives is not sufficient to cover the expenses of raising such a large family.

In her own words, Martha reveals, "The truth is, as the government helps me for each child, I receive a little money for each one." The financial aid varies, with approximately $30.50 allocated for her youngest children and around $76 for the eldest. In total, Martha receives about $510 per month from the Colombian government to support her extensive family.

To make ends meet, Martha also relies on assistance from her neighbors and the church. Despite the challenges of managing a large family on a tight budget, she remains resolute in her decision to continue having children, deeming it a "profitable" endeavor.

Martha acknowledges the difficulties of providing well for everyone under financial constraints but remains steadfast in her commitment to expanding her family until her body no longer permits.

Source: dyshus.com

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