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Monday, November 20, 2023

Do2dtun reveals what was responsible for Saint Obi's death

Image: Daily Post

Popular Nigerian On-Air Personality, Do2dtun, has expressed the belief that denying the late Nollywood actor, Saint Obi, access to his children played a role in his death.

Do2dtun shared his perspective while criticizing individuals who use children as a weapon against their ex-partners.

Recounting a conversation with Saint Obi's family, Do2dtun disclosed that the actor passed away in his family house in Jos. The implication from Do2dtun's statement is that denying Saint Obi access to his children might have contributed to the challenges he faced before his death.

The comments from Do2dtun highlight the importance of maintaining healthy relationships and communication, especially in co-parenting situations, to ensure the well-being of all parties involved.

In a post on his official X on Sunday, the on air personality wrote: “Let’s normalize the fact that children are not objects. They have rights. When a child demands the right to see or be with a parent and you deny them, you have trampled on their rights. Listen! A child is not a material meant for one person to keep.

“I spoke to a family member of Saint Obi. He passed away in their house in Jos and you have absolutely no idea what that man went through. Denying him his kids and fighting eventually took his life.

“You believe you are winning a fight by weaponizing kids? I am sorry; YOU ARE A LOSER.”


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