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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Pete Edochie: "I Started Acting Before the Emergence of Nollywood"

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Veteran actor Pete Edochie has reminisced about his extensive career in the world of acting, noting that he commenced his acting journey prior to the establishment of the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood.

The iconic actor mentioned that his initial foray into movies occurred in 1985 when he appeared in the screen adaptation of Chinua Achebe's renowned novel, 'Things Fall Apart.' During that period, the concept of Nollywood had not yet come into existence.

Edochie shared these insights during a recent interview with Afia TV.

He said, “I’m senior in the movie industry. I mean, when I did ‘Things Fall Apart’ in 1985, there was nothing like Nollywood. By then, Nollywood was slumbering sonorously in the womb of time.

“It was seven years after that Nollywood came on board with ‘Living In Bondage.’ I went round the world before Nollywood came. By the special grace of God, after I did ‘Things Fall Apart,’ I was celebrated internationally.

“The BCC flew in here [Nigeria] to interview me and tell flew into America to interview Chinua Achebe. And Achebe said, ‘Pete Edochie gave that role an interpretation after my heart.’ Before he died, he was calling me Okonkwo.

“Seven years after Nollywood came and when I retired from broadcasting, I joined Nollywood.”


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