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Monday, August 28, 2023

Man goes completely crazy as girlfriend buys latest iPhone with N1.6M he saved in her account [Video]

Image: Intel Region

An online video has emerged depicting a situation where a young woman purportedly withdrew 1.6 million naira from her boyfriend's bank account, a sum he had saved for entrepreneurial endeavors, and utilized it to purchase a brand-new iPhone.

The footage captures the young man, who goes by the name Emmanuel, revealing that he had entrusted the money to his girlfriend's account with the explicit purpose of launching a laundry business. Much to his dismay, the funds were diverted towards the acquisition of a smartphone.

In response to this startling revelation, the aggrieved young man, accompanied by media personality and content creator MC Reality, confronted his girlfriend at her residence.

In her defense, the woman explained that she was anticipating a monetary transfer from Canada. As a result, she rationalized her decision to utilize the funds for purchasing the phone, intending to repay the sum once the expected funds arrived.

The man's emotions escalated to a boiling point, leading him to express his displeasure in a furious manner, pacing back and forth while vociferating his frustration.

Ultimately, he seized the costly device from the young woman's possession and issued a stern warning against any attempts to reclaim it.

Watch the video below:

See reactions below:

@Chi_petrus_mb: I love what the girl did , I support her with full chest .

@Patrick92549: 😂😂😂 omo thanks as i don get this update make i just used style collect the money i dey save from my own before I hear this kind story.

@isy_os: Hope it is a skit! Which kin nonsense behaviour! It’s theft abeg.

@NkyEzenwa: No way.… In this hard time…? she is very wrong.… This is self entitled mentality… I hope this is a skit…

@SonOfMeredith: If nor be skit, e suppose don take the phone go back swap am back for cash and avoid all this unnecessary drama.

@zemehe_: Is this a skit? the guy is not overreacting, his hard earn 1.6m. Na to go sell the phone oo.

@Timmydennyd: “She say she dey expect money from Canada” 🤡🤡🤡. If I speak i might be in trouble.

@igweigwe71:  This is acting, he has done this kinda thing before with same people but that time the girl did not marry him after spending a lot on her.😂😏this ain’t real but few lessons here😂🤝.




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