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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Google Play System Updates for July 2022

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Are you looking for an improved Google Play? Look no further; Google has released July 2022 improvements, bug fixes, and new feature details for Google Play System updates. The updates, as mentioned earlier, are done in diverse sections of the Android device ecosystem, which include your darling Google Play Store. The primary aim of Google is to provide an ultimate overall user experience.

Based on the information on Google, the July 2022 Google Play System updates come with vital enhancements to the account management section. The section headers in the Data and Privacy tab of the Google Play System account settings now wear a new look. Furthermore, there are new APIs which Google now add for developers to build better multi-device user experiences.

Being a forward-thinking tech giant, Google has taken the Play Store improvement and optimizations of June 2022 to a new level of refinement. You will get the updates and enhancements as you download. The new Play comes with changes around the Play as you download feature, app discovery, download and installation section (works faster now), play pass and play points programs, and Google Play billing enhancements.

In addition, it features enhancements for Play Protect. Interestingly, a notable change around the support section of the phone is worth mentioning here. It includes the ability of users to filter the data plans available to purchase by different categories from the network carrier in the U.S.

Another major update is the one drawn under the wallet section of Google Play. The new update now inherits the latest Google Material design scheme. Google has rebranded the wallet as “Google Wallet.” This unique design would enable the Google Play app to dazzle better in the Android 12 or later versions.

Google said it had published the changes mentioned earlier in the Android ecosystem with the following apps and services on the corresponding dates of their rollout.

Via Google Play services v22.22 on 07/11/2022

Via Google Play Store v31.1 on 07/11/2022.

Via Google Play services v22.24 on 07/11/2022.

Via Google Play services v22.26 on 07/11/2022.

System updates:

With the new Google System updates, your Android phone or devices will get a better user experience. The system also brings new features and optimizations while fixing varieties of bugs.

For your information, Google updates for this app get released every month for any device, e.g. phones, tablets, Android TV and Google TV, Android Auto, Wear OS, and Chrome devices.

July 2022 Google Play System Updates

Check the full July 2022 Google Play System updates notes below.

Account Management

The Data & Privacy tab’s section headers of the Google account settings now dorns a new look.

Device Connectivity

Google Play now comes with new APIs for developers to work with.

Google Play Store

  • The Play-as-you-download feature is now enhanced such that game lovers begin playing games while the app is still downloading, eliminating waiting time.

  • The Apps & Games discovery feature now works faster and more effective.

  • The new Google Play comes with better optimizers, making download and installation faster and more reliable.

  • The Play Pass and Play Points programs come with brand new features.

  • Google Play Billing is now embellished to work better.

  • Play Protect has been improved now to keep your device safer than ever.

  • The new Google Play now features various bug fixes, performance optimizations, and security, stability and accessibility improvements.


It enables the filter of the data plans available for purchase by different categories received from the Carrier.


The new Google Play features the latest updates for a better user experience rebranding the wallet to “Google Wallet”.

Developer Services

Google and third-party app developers have new features that support Maps-related developer services in their apps.

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