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Monday, January 3, 2022

Here is what the green, yellow and red light signifies in a breakup

Although all relationships are unique, there are some similarities when it comes to the warning signs of a breakup, which should always be kept in mind. Knowing these signs can help you avoid breaking up with your partner. The three warning signs of a breakup are listed below.

1. The Green light is when your partner is ignoring you.

This isn't to say that there isn't any talking or communication going on. No, no, by ignoring I mean when everything appears to be normal, when the light remains green, but your partner begins to lose interest in you. When they don't ask you how you're doing, how you're feeling, or even where you've been?

When this happens, take a moment to consider why your partner might be ignoring you. Have you forgotten about his or her birthday or another significant occasion? Have you been acting in a less-than-loving manner lately? Is he or she unappreciated? People typically react to something they believe has occurred. This could just be their perception, but since he or she is your lover, you should try to understand his or her point of view.

So, why not treat your partner to a nice meal, then sit down and ask them what’s up? Why are they so grumpy, though I think I’d phrase it a little differently! It’s possible that they’re preoccupied with something unrelated to your relationship. Couples’ communication isn’t always what it should be, so try talking. Who knows where it will take you?

2. The Yellow light is when your partner doesn’t want to see you or go out with you.

The yellow warning light should turn on if your lover becomes suddenly unavailable and too busy to see you, but wait. There’s got to be a reason they’re avoiding you, and you need to figure it out. Don’t be a doormat. There’s no excuse for not confronting your boyfriend or girlfriend and asking why they think it’s okay to act this way. Whatever you do, don’t ignore these signs or you might end up receiving a breakup letter.

3. The Red light signal is when your partner is distant in the bedroom

Even though sex is only a three-letter word, it has the potential to cause major problems. Just ask any married couple who has been together for a long period of time. Family or life issues can sometimes get in the way of making love. It's also a well-known fact that the initial surge of animal attraction rarely lasts, so it's perfectly normal not to make love every night. It's not normal to go months without being intimate. Shared emotions and feelings bind couples together. So don't dismiss the value of a cuddle.

Even if your partner’s mood has nothing to do with your actions, it is always important to take note of it as a sign that trouble is brewing. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should always be aware of when your partner is content and when he or she is not. Because unless you start paying attention and keeping an eye out for the above breakup warning signs, you’ll soon find yourself newly single and wondering what went wrong.

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