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Monday, August 3, 2020

Yvonne Jegede – WSW Challenge: I’ve Seen The Injustice Done To Turkish Women

For a few days now, the internet has been agog with the hashtag ‘’Women supporting women’’ which many notable personalities have now taken part in.

Although some have misinterpreted the essence of the #WSW challenge, media personalities like Mo Abudu, have explained that the movement is in solidarity with Turkish women about 500 of whom have been killed.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, Actress Yvonne Jegede, who also gave her counsel said, “I lived in Cyprus for four to five years, so I am conversant with the Turkish culture and tradition and one thing I know for sure is that they do beat their women. You can’t even go to the police and report domestic violence. They would tell you to go home and solve your domestic problems. The police don’t really support the women over there. The society itself doesn’t back the women up. Personally, I’ve witnessed several occasions where a man will beat up his wife or girlfriend at the bus stop in Cyprus.

‘’I have lived there so when I saw why the #WSW challenge was going online I connected instantly. When I was in school, my next-door neighbour (a Turkish family,) would beat his wife and his grown-up teenage daughter and take them to the hospital, bring them back with plaster and stitches and still beat them again.’’

Further speaking on women supporting one another, she said, ‘‘Who says it is hard for women to build one another? I see women support women every day. So, when I hear women make these statements that women don’t support each other, I wonder where the women that don’t support themselves come from. When you go on social media, you’ll see women celebrating each other. When people say women don’t support themselves, I think they say it intentionally to remind women not to support themselves. I mean nobody insists that men don’t support themselves.’’

The mother of one also explained why she voices out on topical issues. She said, “If I am not a celebrity and there are issues affecting me, I think I should speak about them. I think Nigerians, in general, should speak about issues that affect the country as a whole. Speaking out does not mean I’m doing so because I have a platform; it really has nothing to do with that. I always want to speak up because I have families that live in Kaduna and there are killings in Kaduna, I have friends that have families that live in Kaduna, I know people that come from Kaduna. Therefore, I cannot say I would keep quiet because I have nothing to do with Kaduna State. Humanity for me comes first.’’

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