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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Tuoyo explains why he couldn't keep his shirt on, on day 24 of BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion show

Tuoyo's inability to keep his shirt on during his time in the house was one of the topics that fueled conversations on this episode with former housemates sharing reviews.

In between crying bouts and happy moments, episode 24 was primarily about playing out nostalgic moments. Catch the highlights.

When it came to catching feelings, all the housemates had a doze of it. Omashola on one end was famous for riling housemates up with his high pitch while Tuoyo was a nuisance and a charm depending on whose point of view. Here are the highlights:

Catching Feelings ft Venita and Omashola

At the end of Venita's game, she offered the largest number of her BetNaija coins to Omashola but gave a shout-out to cruisetopia, a move Omashola took in bad faith.

On why he gave his gifted coins to Cindy, he revealed how feeling slighted by the shout-out as well as an alleged tattling by Seyi the hummingbird fueled his feeling of displeasure. Their spotlight ended with Omashola admitting Seyi lied about Venita sabotaging their group and apologized.

Bad Behaviour

Badly behaved housemates undoubtedly gave viewers more than enough to talk about. Depending on sensibilities, moves like Tacha's infamous semi-nude birthday present to her boyfriend or Tuoyo's shirtless stance, either served chills or induced disgust.

For Diane, Tuoyo was one of the male housemates with the hottest bodies. That's until his views came into the picture. In his defense, Tuoyo claimed Omashola had first accused Diane of jumping from one love interest to another like a monkey and he just picked up the conversation.

The disgust camp was chaired by Venita who felt Tuoyo did a little too much with the nudity especially on their finale party, a view Sir Dee seemed to share.

While Nelson's alter ego, Nelly got some spotlight, housemates got the rest of the show's running time talking about their naughtiest moments in the house.

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