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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Breaking: Anthony Joshua Knockouts Out Alexander Povetkin In Round 7 To Win Fight - Video

Anthony Joshua Vs Alexander Povetkin

ANTHONY JOSHUA the predator, beat Alexander Povetkin in the seventh round with a brutal knockout.

But AJ didn't have it all his own way, though, as the Russian had the better of the early rounds.

Here's how SunSport summarised each round at Wembley.

Round 1

Joshua throws an early left jab to the stomach. Povetkin evades a right hook and launches one of his own but leaves Joshua unfazed.

Both fighters sizing each other up in the opening minutes. AJ throws a fierce left hook and crowd roar in approval.

Povetkin catches Joshua with a fierce left right on the bell and AJ stumbles, blood pours from his nose – a huge wake up call for the champ.

Watch video below:

Round 2
AJ forced to defend Povetkin’s rapid blows. The Russian proving that size doesn’t matter as his lightning quick punches leave AJ with his guard up.

AJ stages a few of his own before Povetkin lands another brutal blow with his left. AJ rocked already.

Joshua given hope with the left jab, but remains shell-shocked. Trainers put ice on his nose.

Round 3
AJ caught again with the upper cut early in the third. But he responds with a three punch combo.

AJ catches him with an upper cut but this ding dong battle delivered another swift brutal right hook into Joshua’s chin.

AJ started to find his feet towards the end of the third.

Round 4
Crowd roar on the home favourite. AJ catches him with a left early in the round.

Povetkin is cut on his left eye as AJ starts growing in confidence. Povetkin misses with a wild left hook.

AJ is finding his range with two left hooks into Povetkin’s face. He slowly starts to take the authority.

Round 5
Slow start to the round as both fighters appear to ease of the gas. All of a sudden Povetkin shows his power and AJ appears to touch his face and goad him for more.

Another couple of lightning quick jabs by the Russian and the ref warns Povetkin of a punch to the back of the head.

They touch gloves at the end, a quieter round following an explosive start.

Round 6
AJ using that left hook again, hitting Povetkin in the stomach. AJ then throws a right and left hook.

Povetkin is not willing to take it and comes straight back with some vicious slogs. Halfway through an intriguing fight and Povetkin looks on top.

Round 7
AJ lands a brutal left hook and follows it with a fierce right!! Povetkin is suddenly on the ropes and AJ puts him down to the canvas. The count is on but Povetkin gets up on his feet.

But not for long, AJ launches an assault it’s over!! The medics rush on and Povetkin, who caused so much trouble to AJ in the opening rounds, is finished.
Credit: Sun Sports

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